The recycling facility that recovers metals found in electronic waste.

Few words about Sanou Koura from Michel Trabuc – CEO

Sanou Koura’s process from Christian Thomas – Co-funder

Sanou Koura: Extract, sort, reuse, recycle and add value by reducing CO2 emissions and waste.

What happens to the electronic cards of your old cell phones, tablets or computers? Sanou Koura recycling plant treats rare metal wastes using cutting-edge technology while applying eco-friendly and socially responsible approaches.

Extract, sort, reuse, recycle: The term Sanou Koura means “the rebirth of gold” in Bambara language.

Sanou Koura is an agile and versatile alchemist facility that recovers all precious and strategic metals found in electronic wastes.

Fully experienced founders

With 18 years of experience
Having had a factory set up from the ground up
6 years of R&D ahead of industrial implementations