Job creation

Ardennes, more particularly the city of Donchery, is renowned for its industrial history. The locals have acquired not only the familiarity with the presence of factories, but also the experience and expertise to work in the industrial sector.

Over the past decades, the industrial sector has been declining in France, yet it remains the main activity in the area. Settling in Donchery means being in an area with skilled laborers.

80 is the number of jobs that will be available at the launch of Sanou Koura, expected by the end of 2023.

Bringing positive impact on the local economy

Establishing Sanou Koura in Ardennes means boosting the local economy, reviving the region’s economy, creating new jobs for the residents of Ardennes, and strengthening the nearby businesses.

Impact on international level

Now, the majority of the raw materials needed to create everyday electronic devices are mined from the earth.

In addition to the limited resources available, the mines, which are primarily located in Africa and Latin America, are operated in substandard conditions due to inadequate safety, hygiene, and protection, as well as frequent use of child labor.

Sanou Koura seeks to form partnerships with various African countries to enable them to recycle their e-wastes.

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