A unique and revolutionary extraction process

Unlike traditional foundries, our state-of-the-art technology allows us to recycle all rare metals!

Several years of research and a number of partnerships enabled us to develop this unique and robust extraction process: all metals present in electronic waste can now be extracted and recycled.

Recovering precious metals to strategic metals

Precious and strategic metals are at the center of geopolitical and economic issues.

The earth has finite resources. Many metals are no longer available through natural extraction, while others exist only outside of Europe. Not only do we depend on these countries that are rich in rare metals, but these extraction and export processes are ecologically damaging.

And yet, these metals are essential to high-tech, aeronautics, medical and chemical industries. That is why recycling them is essential and vital. Recycling allows us to answer the needs of international consumption, but also to promote France’s and Europe’s economic independence.

Through our innovative extraction process, Sanou Koura becomes a source of these rare and precious metals. The various metals we can find are copper, gold, silver,
palladium, tantalum, platinum, tin, nickel, cobalt…

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