Investing in Sanou Koura means opting for a sustainable and innovative future.

Thanks to its 20 years of expertise in the recycling industry, years of research and development, and numerous collaborations with various partners including Chimie-Paris-Tech, CNRS and BRGM, Sanou Koura is able to offer a unique approach in strategic and precious metals extraction.

As compared to other existing foundries, our unique and robust extraction process allows us to recover and recycle all types of metals found in electronic wastes.

Winner of BPI France Global Innovation Contest, our start-up is currently incubated at Rimbaud’Tech. We have already raised 500 million euros in Seed funding.

To ensure continuous innovation, improve insights, develop research, and find sustainable solutions, we are seeking funding to support our ongoing R&D efforts in tantalum, cobalt batteries, renewable energy, and CO² collection, to name a few.

Sanou Koura’s missions include the revitalization of France’s industrial sector, responding to the international demands in cutting-edge technologies – such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, aeronautics, and high-tech, strengthening the French and European economic self-reliance through job creations and the development of sustainable and inclusive future.

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